Four Mile Honey

Our Bees

With just a few hives on farm, we aim to bottle a few jars each season.  We will always, however, work with the bees best interests in mind.  That said, it means if it has been a rough season, we will not rob the hive, instead leaving the honey for the bees so that they can rebuild and thrive.

Fresh honey harvested on farm... nothing else comes close!

Learning about honey bees has been an fascinating adventure. Once I overcame the fear of being swarmed, it turned out to be actually quite a meditative experience. The first time I robbed the hives was so satisfying. I remember one of the first times I took some honey, on a warm summers day, we sat on the grassy hill, with the golden, sweet honey dripping out of the combs... and into our mouths....MmmMmm. Those that have worked their hives, caring for the bees and then to enjoy the sweet reward will know exactly what I am trying to describe! Beyond the opportunity to enjoy the sweet nectar, knowing that we are also helping the environment brings another element of satisfaction.