Four Mile Eggs

Pasture raised eggs from happy hens

The hens at Four Mile Farm have access to all the room they could dream of.  The yolks of their eggs are testament to the forage available to them.  We ensure our hens are able to carry out all of their natural behaviours, including having the room to dustbath, they are not debeaked ensuring they can clean themselves; and, by providing large mobile housing our hens are not stressed out as they can move freely in and out.  We move the houses every two to three days  providing fresh forage areas which also assists with the soil health.  Our girls are locked away at night to keep them safe from foxes and let out early in the morning to start their day.  

These farming practices, we believe, are the most natural and ethical lthat we can provide to the hens, and in turn, they provide us with the healthiest and most nutritious eggs.

Pasture Eggs

We are able to offer home delivery to Holbrook, Tumbarumba and Wagga Wagga.  A carton of the most delicious, nutritious, pasture raised eggs are only $5.00.


We would love to  discuss with you how we can provide your business with a regular supply of eggs.  Delivery is made by arrangement.  If you would like to find out more please send us a message on Facebook