At Four Mile Farm we strive to ensure our produce reflects the love, care and attention we give to all of the animals on our farm and to the environment.  The diverse nature of our farm and its environment is something we feel strongly about protecting.  Implementing regenerative farming practices is a high priority to ensure soil health is protected.  Creating protective wildlife and waterway corridors is an ongoing project to ensure the diversity on the farm c0ntinues to thrive.  
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Over the past five years various options have been explored on how to best utilise the farm, so that we get the most out of space we have, whilst working with the animals and the environment to produce a quality product.  

We believe we have settled on a manageable variety of pasture raised eggs, honey bees, dairy goats and a small number of cows.  This enables us to work towards implementing the principles of regenerative agriculture, primarily improving, repairing and protecting the soil health, and ensuring a diverse plant species is maintained.

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